Links to THANK YOU HEROES Campaign Sign and Banner Artwork

Date: 5 September 2020 12:00 to 31 December 2020 16:45


Do you want to be part of a project
to publically thank our healthcare workers?

Download one of the files from the links below. There is a 8.5" x 11" sign to be printed at home. There are two sizes of banners: 2'x8' and 3'x12'. Download those files and purchase your own banner at Step-by-step instructions are below.

 8 x 11 window sign

 8.5" x 11" YOU ARE OUR HEROES sign

 2' x 8' banner

 2' x 8' - YOU ARE OUR HEROES banner

 3' x 12' banner

 3' x 12' - YOU ARE OUR HEROES banner


Thanks to Geoff Moore from Butchers Hill for conceptualizing and organizing this project.

And thanks to John Adsit from Upper Fells
for designing and donating the artwork!


1. Download the PDF of the size banner you
want. Currently there are two sizes: (a) 3’ X 12’, which will cost you about $45 to $50, or (b) 2’ X 8’, which will cost about $35 to $40 (depending on options, timing). If you want a different size, email Geoffery Moore:

2. Go to (You are welcome to use another printer if you prefer, but these directions are for using this printer.)

3. On the Home Page under Material, select Vinyl.

4. Select the Size. MAKE SURE the size of PDF you have matches the size you select here.

5. Select the Quantity of banners you want printed. The price will then be displayed.

6. Select: Start From Scratch. This will bring you to the design page.

7. On the design page, on left, click Upload Image, then find the PDF on your computer and
upload it. You will see it appear here.

8. Drag the PDF image from the left to the box on right. If necessary, adjust the edges of
the image to match the dotted lines around the box.

9. Click on Lock. Then click on Save and Continue below. This brings you to new page.

10. See if design looks right. If not, click on Go Back And Edit Design, and do so. Once the design is right, go to Select Your Options on right.

11. Under number 1 Materials, we recommend you select Premium Vinyl Upgrades, for a banner that will last longer in the weather. This adds about $10-$12.

12. Using the bar on the right, move down to 4 Grommets, select Brass Grommets. This adds about $6 and gives you four grommets, one on each corner.

13. Click on Add to Cart below. This will bring you to the cart.

14. Check to see if everything is right on the order. Here, you have options to go back and edit the design or go back and change options.

15. Click Checkout, put in your information, and order.

Any questions? Contact Geoffery Moore: or 603-236-6500.

And thanks for helping with the THANK YOU HEROES campaign!


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